Developed Screenplay By: Ryan Cheevers & Corey Cheevers

Genre:  TV (Science Fiction/Young Adult)

Log Line:  When Alex, an un-athletic, overly intelligent teenage nerd, is exposed to an unknown chemical, her trouble-making alter ego, Xela, is born.  One is concerned with following the rules while the other is focused on breaking them.  The one thing they both have in common: finding out what happened.

Synopsis:  Alex Archer is a 15-year-old nerdy outsider with an exceptionally high I.Q. and extremely low athletic ability.  She would love nothing more than to be someone else – someone confident, cool, who would actually know how to talk to boys.  After getting her very first A- ever, Alex seeks out the eccentric and reclusive scientist, Dr. Leonard Ludwig, to prove that she has indeed solved The Trinity Formula, a feat that her teacher thinks is impossible.  Following a lab accident while working with Dr. Ludwig, Alex is exposed to an unknown chemical, which would alter her life forever.  The accident has given Alex another personality, who calls herself Xela.  Xela is everything that Alex isn’t.  She’s a brave, outgoing, martial arts expert, but she’s also a rule breaker.  She’s not interested in school or friends, and seems to only care about living on the edge – every second of the day.  A mysterious villain, Fox, is searching for Xela.  He’s been on a lifelong hunt for the formula, but needs Xela to complete his work.  As Fox draws closer, Alex begins to unravel various clues as to what exactly happened to her that night, and discovers the only way out of this dangerous situation is to team up with Xela.  Between Alex’s brains and Xela’s braun, they can make a perfect team…if they can only get along. 

Comparables:  Chuck, Teen Wolf, Arrow