(Summer of 2016)

Emily Moss Wilson is attached to direct the independent drama INHERITANCE starring Austin Highsmith (Dolphin Tale), Rachel Noll (Don't Pass Me By), Chad Michael Collins (Sniper: Legacy) and Chris Mulkey (Whiplash).  "Proof of Concept" scenes that the team filmed for investors and distributors.

Developed Screenplay By: Rachel Noll

Genre:  Feature (Drama)

Log Line:  Estranged sisters Lucy and Paige reunite to bury their father, becoming entangled in the complicated web of their past as they realize that they have inherited more from their father than just money.

Synopsis:  When Lucy’s father dies, she discovers that her older sister, Paige, has inherited all of his money. Tasked with the management of her father's affairs, Lucy is responsible for the distribution of Paige’s inheritance, though they haven’t spoken in years. Paige is a reckless alcoholic who has lived off of their father’s charity all her adult life, while Lucy has always taken care of everyone but herself. Forced to reunite after years of estrangement, the two sisters are confronted by a whirlwind of surfacing resentments, past traumas, well kept secrets, and devastating losses as they try to mend their broken relationship.

Comparables:  28 Days, Your Sister's Sister, Rachel Getting Married