Developed Screenplay By: Ryan Cheevers & Corey Cheevers

Genre: Feature (Sports Comedy)

Log Line:  A schlubby animal loving slacker must win the Belmont Stakes in order to save his family farm.

Synopsis:  Dennis Marshall is the son of a Kentucky Derby winner and brother to a professional jockey, Lex.  He likes beer, deep-dish pizza, and Taylor Swift.  But his greatest passion is working with animals.  He has a unique way with them.  Lex has struggled to be as successful as his late father.  The small purses he collects are hardly enough to keep the water turned on at the family farm.  Now, Lex must earn over $2 million to pay back taxes on the land, or the farm will be turned over to the government.  With the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes coming up, he knows he’ll have his chance.  When Lex is injured at the Kentucky Derby, the only hope in saving the farm is Dennis stepping in his place.  With very little experience riding, Dennis is the laughingstock of the sport.  But his love for animals, and his determination to keep his home, turns this un-kept stocky jockey into one of the best stories in all of sports, and sets the stage for a photo finish with Max Marco.

Comparables:  Talladega Nights, Dodgeball, Happy Gilmore