Based on the Award Winning short Film GRANDE DRIP.

Developed Screenplay By: Ryan Cheevers, Angelo Restaino, & Greg Wilson

Genre: Feature (Romantic Comedy)

Log Line:  To keep from hospitalizing the woman of his dreams, an accident-prone store manager must enlist the help of an unconventional secret weapon: a homeless man with a heart of gold.

Synopsis:  In the business world, ERIC JENSEN runs a tight ship.  When it comes to romance, however, he's been striking out since he learned to tie his shoes.  After several failed attempts at love, Eric's finally found the woman of his dreams, MOLLY WHITLOCK.  But with no guile and no game, there's no girl.  Enter KEITH GLASSCOE, a self-proclaimed relationship guru.  He's the quirky and eccentric local homeless guy who has a special knack for fixing things.  In exchanged for housing, Keith vows to help Eric land a relationship with Molly, but in order for this story to have a happy ending, Eric's going to need to take off his dress and put on some MAN PANTS.

Comparables:  Hitch.  What Women Want.  10 Things I Hate About You.